[PS3 CFW] Habib Cobra 4.75 beta 3

[PS3 CFW] Habib Cobra 4.75 beta 3

Messaggioda Andre@CK » 19/07/2015, 19:51

è da poco uscita la versione cobra del CFW habib. è in versione beta (3)

Per installarlo vi basta inserirlo dentro una penna usb nel percorso PS3\UPDATE e rinominate il file in PS3UPDAT.PUP

change log
Change notes in V3 since the sample V2.

1. fixed the issue with ps2netemu working properly on BC consoles and Semi BC consoles, however
do not use ps2 classic launcher with mounted ISO as it will make issues on BC Consoles/Semi BC consoles.

Non-BC console users can ignore this as this does not affect the result.

2. Removed the unnecessary original ps2_netemu.self.swap for swapping as this is not needed anymore due to the change no.1

3. mysis's game_ext_plugin patch added to ignore SFO check for remote play

*Make Remote Play SFO Flag obsolete

http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Patches#Ma ... g_obsolete

4. Changed image version to 99999 to fix the issue with PUP installation on XMB

For some reason, it was impossible to install this CFW over previous HABIB 4.75 on BC/Semi-BC consoles
Changing the image version fixed the problem.

Change notes in V2 since the sample V1.

1. fixed the issue with pspiso playback due to missing hash checks for HABIB/FERROX in COBRA source
2. fixed the issue with category xml by replacing it with old one that was used in HABIB 4.70 COBRA 1.01

3. added debug payload for devs [dev_flash/sys/stage2.bin.debug], if you want to use this payload simply replace it with stage2.bin
otherwise stage1 inside lv2kernel won't mount the payload on boot.

4. disabled epilepsy message on boot, so it boots up faster

http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Patches#di ... sy_message

Si ringrazie Tommino per la segnalazione.
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